Meli Greek Cafe, Oxford (kpw* for week 14)   3 comments

[*kpw = kebab per week for 2013, as noted in an earlier post and the 16th entry for the 2013 Challenge]

meli greek oxford kebab

This was absolutely fantastic.  I have meant to try Meli for years now but never really think about it until I am in the little recessed location for something else (there’s an awesome musical instrument shop nearly next door).  Also, it is almost always populated with the sort of pretentious yuppie pricks that keep you from enjoying a meal as you try not to argue with their ridiculous and self-serving pronouncements.

This visit, I was confronted with three such arseholes; one was writing his novel over a cup of coffee and took up all the space at one of the four-seat tables while the other two, deep in conversation about how spiritual each of them was apparently were so spiritual they needed the remaining two tables to host their otherworldly companions…bitches. I ordered a gyro to go and took it out into the light snow of this bitter and endless winter.

The hostess had apologized for only having beef today (I really wanted lamb or, better, a mixture like shoarma or döner), but the succulent chunks of stewed beef were delicious.  The veg was good, too, and the pita (which she bothered to split and fill instead of just dumping the filling on top) tasted fresh if not homemade.

The highlight was the tsasiki sauce, though, with enough garlic to creep into the sinuses and a hint of sesame on top of the thick yoghurt and dill mix I could live years with only this and bread for sustenance.  However, if you see the shop across the street (see above photo) hosing out the booths…that ain’t tsasiki.


meli greek oxford

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