Update 4: Every Path in Old Town project   3 comments

[Originally, this project was described here,  and you can see the most recent prior Update (3) here.]

25 March 2013:  Stir crazy from enforced rest (IT band injury), I took the admonition to limit exercise to gentle walks as including short, hilly hikes and went out into the unseasonable cold (winter set in around this time last year and just won’t fuck off).  Picking up a bit of the un-mapped sections of the EPiOT project was the aim, but I also lucked into a fantastic (if oddly situated) kebab stand to add to my annual challenge total:

hibberd's yard and caners kebab map   hibberd's yard and caners kebab stand

26 March 2013:  Not a twinge after yesterday’s hike so with a half hour till sunset I headed out to the hills and exploring some of the ‘new build’ neighbourhood off Okus (I just know they must have a pub down in there, but haven’t yet found it).  Coming back via Grosvenor then William Street, there were some compelling stairs near an old school house that now hosts Swindon Silicon (the Boy’s Entrance is just behind that fence in the photo).  Unusually bad luck with dead ends on the steep Fairview (next to the Radnor Street Cemetery) and again on an alley, but that’s part of the fun, eh?

2013-03-26 okus and radnor loop  2013-03-26 stairs by swindon silicon william st



29 March 2013: There was sun.  No, really (I say this for the Brits out there), sun and relatively clear skies, I shit you not.  With Jackie laid up with the lurgy, I did some errands then headed out to knock out some pesky trails:

2013-03-29 good friday run map

These runs have enhanced my appreciation of Art and I passed a basketball court where a kid was wielding a spray can, too deep in thought to notice I had stopped to tie a shoe.  I’m a little concerned he was working on top of extant paint when there is such a wealth of virgin canvas just around the corner:


blank canvasses



As the alleyways spooled out before me, many more works presented themselves, like this conceptual Minnie Mouse:


minnie mouse



And, this mural on a garden fence above the quarries adjacent to the Town Garden:


above the quarries



Philistine that I am, I can only take in so much visual information and have learned to pace myself.  I’m glad that I did, too, since the detail above the recently reopened Prince of Wales shows that it was built to be exactly that (the Prince of Wales).  The last time I visited this pub was a week before my attempt at a second visit (when I found it shuttered, a year-and-a-half or so back).  They reopened a couple of weeks ago and I felt compelled to have something (albeit just a half pint of Carling).  I’m sure I’ll be back soon, though.


prince of wales swindon signage

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