Gorsehill Grill, Swindon (kpw* for week 12)   2 comments

[*kpw = kebab per week for 2013, as noted in an earlier post and the 14th entry for the 2013 Challenge]

gorsehill grill kebab

It was pissing down rain when I returned from Hungerford, starving due to my choice of last minute snack out there.  The #6 was waiting at the station when my bus pulled in so I transferred and hopped off on Cricklade Road in front of the Gorsehill Grill.

This was a good call.  The chips were crisp and fluffy inside and hot enough to keep the kebab warm for my damp walk back to Old Town.  The chilli sauce was better than you normally get (not sweet but still thick and spicy), the meat tasted like it was from an animal source or sources, and the veg was fresh and properly apportioned.  Well done.


gorsehill grill

2 responses to “Gorsehill Grill, Swindon (kpw* for week 12)

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  1. The burger and salad my brother and I had at Gorse Hill Grill were good but they tried to short-change me by a pound: obviously intentional as they thought we’d both drunk too much to notice.

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