King’s Best Barbeque, Swindon (kpw* for week 11)   2 comments

[*kpw = kebab per week for 2013, as noted in an earlier post and the 13th entry for the 2013 Challenge]

king's best barbeque swindon kebab


The staff at King’s Best Barbeque (the oldest kebab place in Swindon) take a lot of pride in the kitchen and will let you tour the place.  A while back (before the whole horse meat scandal) they volunteered to have samples of their wares sent off for DNA testing; the döner came back >95% lamb which is especially impressive as most döner won’t come back as 95% ANY animal or mixture thereof.  And, it is good: not at all salty, the pickled cabbage alone is worth the price, the other veg is grand, and the meat is worthy of their pride.  And, the chilli sauce is fresh, homemade, and hot enough to make them warn you about it (but not hot enough that someone with American ideas of spicy food need worry about it).  Awesome.

king's best barbeque swindon


2 responses to “King’s Best Barbeque, Swindon (kpw* for week 11)

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  2. Excellent service, and the food was top quality. Very fresh and tasty.


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