One Minute Food House, Faringdon, Oxfordshire   1 comment

One Minute Food House Faringdon

A brief meet-up at the Bell in Faringdon turned out to be not-brief-enough as I saw my bus pull away without me.  Hungry, I headed for a kebab but the only place open didn’t have lamb döner…just chicken.  This was very disappointing, at first.

The fellows in the One Minute Food House (I’m not sure if Minute has temporal or spatial connotations) were awfully nice Turkish dudes watching a Turkish news channel on satellite tv, so I decided to eat there.  The salad looked fresh for this time of year but not nearly as pretty as in most kebab places (and yet it sang with flavour).  The chicken was very good and much lighter than lamb usually is and the chilli sauce was a thick orgasm of garlic, paprika, and fairly hot chillies.  The only down sides were the pita (a bit chewy) and the size (first truly small kebab, döner or shawarma I have ever seen).

One Minute Food House Faringdon chicken kebab

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