Bread Basket, Swindon (kpw* for Week #4)   1 comment

bread basket swindon doner chips and nothing else

[*kpw = kebab per week for 2013, as noted in an earlier post and the 5th entry for the 2013 Challenge]

They were rude and stingy with the toppings but at least they overcharged me and provided an unpalatable meal, too.  Consistency is the key in this business.  “Whoa, I’d like some salt and vinegar on those chips, please.” “Sorry, I’ve already put the meat on ’em. Do you want some sauce?”

She squirted some overly sweet sauce–more ketchup than chilli–over the meat that she, mercifully reheated on the skillet after scooping it out of the steam tray.  This usually is a good thing since it helps boil away excess fat it has been sitting in but sometimes, like this time, it is the only ingredient with any flavour at all and, additionally, its absence yielded a brownish grey remainder more similar in texture to a blackboard eraser than any form of flesh.  Yuck.

The absence of salad on top isn’t because the greens and tomatoes looked dodgy (although they did) but due to the fact that I wasn’t offered any.  “Four pounds fifty.”  I dug around my pocket to find another pound to add to the £3.50 I had out, adding “you should change the menu to reflect the new price…you charged me £4.50 last year, as well and the price on the wall hasn’t been updated, yet.”

She replied, incredulously, “the cheek.”  Indeed.  Perhaps they make most of their money off the shady characters hanging out around the front of the store; they are selling something for 35 pounds, but I already had my poison.

bread basket swindon

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