Magic Apple Pie liqueur bottled   5 comments

Oasis Magic Apple Pie label

I filtered and bottled the apple bourbon for New Year’s Day, and it turned out pretty good.  The apples were still surprisingly firm and packed with bourbon goodness but once out of the liquor they softened quickly; at the end of the holidays I get out of the baking mood so if I am ever going to use these to make a bonus treat I need to plan ahead so filtration happens at the START of the hols.

I only coarse filtered this so there is a little cloudiness that bothers neither of us; I suspect this will settle if the beverage lasts that long.  We poured a wee dram each into our whisky tumblers and tried a few sips.  The apple front is definitely there and provided a very sweet mouth, not cloying but surprising (next batch, I will add even less brown sugar, although this appears in the finish and may help kick-start the initial infusion).  The cinnamon is fairly astringent but not as pronounced as I expected/feared.  The cheap bourbon (half Jim Beam and half Clarke’s, my fave over here) benefitted from the malic acid released from the apples and seemed smoother than I remember (I’ll double-check this soon), but the best thing, by far, was the finish.

Walnuts.  I added a handful of walnuts hoping for a few of the woody compounds to express themselves, and they did with strong vanilla flavours and tannic acids that belie the short storage time.  But, the finish was like swallowing a mouthful of walnuts.  I thought this was just me projecting my ‘creator’s foreknowledge’ on my glassful, but Jackie also commented on it as surprising and the most pleasant part of the overall pleasant experience.  Hooray.

Oh, right, the label.  I took the apples from trees growing along the workers’ cycle path below the old railroad scrapyard that became the site of the Oasis Leisure Centre (from which the band gleaned its name).  I was going to call it ‘Wonderwall,’ but then found the cd-single label for the Magic Apple Pie and, being lazy, slapped the Drunken Bunny on it and claimed it for my own.

Oasis Magic Apple Pie Taste Test

5 responses to “Magic Apple Pie liqueur bottled

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  1. Awesome! Love your write-up! Sounds like your modifications worked out perfectly.

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