ZamZam, Swindon (kpw* for Week #1)   1 comment

[*kpw = kebab per week, as noted in an earlier post]

Update 20 June 2013: The best places usually have a cleanliness problem; here’s a news article on ZamZam: .

zamzam swindon

Beautiful New Year’s Day out…a kebab should hit the spot.  I trudged over to the Troy BBQ for the first of my weekly kebabs to meet the Challenge head-on, but found that it had changed names to ZamZam.  However, the place seemed cleaner and the cook seemed milder mannered so maybe the food would be better, too.

zamzam swindon small doner kebab

And, so it was.  For £3.70 I was handed a basket called a ‘medium’ (no ‘small’ on the menu) that weighed in at just over 12 ounces.  I thought he had left the pita off until it peeked out from under the mounds of meat ten minutes into my dining efforts.  The salad was crisp (kebab places always have the best tomatoes), the chilli sauce spicy and spectacular and the meat, while greasy, had a strong and pungent lamb aftertaste meaning the fat was actually from sheep and not from some industrial by-products (not that it bothers me either way, but as this is sort of a review…).  Very good stuff.

Here’s the location on a map I will keep of the Challenge progress:

zamzam swindon mapped

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