The Southgate Inn, Devizes, Wiltshire   3 comments

southgate devizes sign

I wasn’t going to stop at another pub on the run between the George and Dragon and my bus stop, but the absolute oddness of the exterior of the Southgate Inn as I crested the hill compelled me inside.  Seen from the street with the German beer sign out front and the white plastering I could imagine a continental ale house; and, then when I reached the entrance I was certain this was not to be missed:

southgate devizes entrance

I was right, too, as they had several real ales on offer and the bar was lined with CAMRA folks (I even spoke for a while with a founder of the local branch who tipped me off to the upcoming branch pub crawl).  The barmaid asked everyone to remind her that she had a chicken roasting and then obliquely said to me, “you look like Harry Potter.”

“Yeah, I know, the jagged scar on my forehead.”

“Yes, that and the glasses.  It’s not a BAD thing,” she went on and I was left to wonder what sort of strange fantasies this woman was looking to fulfill.

“It’s not a bad thing except when you’re 50 years old and you look like Harry Potter.  Oh, right, you have a chicken in the oven.”

southgate devizes beer and eggs

My accent was discussed and that, no, I’m not on holiday but live in Swindon.  “You’re a long way from home, then?”  “No, the bus takes less than an hour.”  “To Georgia?”  “Oh, right.  It’s not home anymore.  I haven’t been there in years.”

After the Glue Pot, this is easily one of my favourite Wiltshire pubs and as I settled down near the pickled eggs with my Hopback she asked if I drank in the Glue Pot while in Swindon.  “Frequently.  It rules.”  “Then you’re familiar with the Hopback beers?”  “Mmm, hmm.  If I see them on tap and I want a sure thing, I always get one.”  As should you.

Oh, if you read this, don’t forget the chicken.

southgate devizes

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