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white rabbit oxford sign

When the Gloucester Arms closed for refurbishment a few weeks ago it was long overdue a tidy: more than a lick of paint was needed and the floors were dry and grey although obviously still in good shape.  It was going to be a lot of work but nothing structural was necessary.

On my way into work I noticed to my horror that the pub sign had been replaced with one for The White Rabbit.  Yikes.  The Gloc was the only proper dive close to the bus station and the atmosphere was always sublime.  There were always five ales on the pumps (two of which have now been capped) and sometimes there would be gravity fed casks on offer.  The Gloc staff always looked like roadies or groupies for Spinal Tap and the customers were a surreal mishmash of Oxford NATIVES.

So, on this visit I expected massive changes and was relieved to find the freshly painted (with semigloss, a wise choice) house still serving weirdos (mea culpa).  The floors look great–I would have sanded and stained these myself for the past management, so much potential they held and now reveal.  The ales are from White Horse, with Village Idiot and Bitter on tap, and the bartender was almost competent.  Nothing really drastically different.

white rabbit oxford bar

The furnishings are even the same: I sat at the same undulating table that me and Matt Bush sat at on my first visit to assess the lab space in 2009, still rickety even with a coat of wax.

Funny conversation the bartender was involved in had him speaking proudly of his travels: “Oh, I’ve moved around a bit.  I’m from Woodstock, but moved to Dorchester for awhile.  NOW, I’m here.”  For perspective, Woodstock and Dorchester are about 10 and 15 miles away, respectively.

white rabbit oxford

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