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This is a slight variation on a recipe posted at Boozed and Infused (a much better written site by some women that SEEM to have fewer psychological issues than your humble servant).  I will leave this to steep until January and use it as my monthly project (I am prepping one new batch appropriate to the month throughout 2013 plus a few special bottles for particular occasions).

There is a cycle path into the town centre from near my house that was built to support the workers at the Great Western Railway works.  The rail yard to the east now houses Swindon College and the Oasis Leisure Centre while much of the western side is an industrial estate.  However, there are scads of fruit bearing plants along the path, including a number of trees yielding small, tart, red apples.  I have used these apples to flavour roasted pork in the past, but the liqueur project prompted this current use.

I made three minor changes to the original recipe which calls for apples, a vanilla bean, a cinnamon stick, and bourbon to cover.  I threw in one cardamon pod as the seeds from these make a marvellous addition to vanilla (in small doses).  My apple pie always incorporates some walnuts (and these should compliment and enhance the vanilla even more than the cardamon).  Finally, and this may be sacrilege, I added a rounded spoon of brown sugar as I was also making some toll house cookies.  We’ll check back on this in January. {Note: it turned out well: read here for the write-up.}

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2 responses to “Apple Pie Liqueur prep

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  1. This sounds great! I love the changes you have mentioned, sounds really delicious!

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