Sloe Gin: Part 2.1, Repeat Steps 1 and 2   3 comments

Small run of Devil’s Punchbowl in back compared to the multi-liter batch-to-be of Faringdon Folly

The pickings on the Ridgeway were so meagre I have kept my eyes wide open hoping to spot another cache of berries (spell check corrected this from the Freudian-slip, ‘beeries’).  Out the window of the bus as it trundled along the A420 between Oxford and Swindon I spotted the mother lode.

Dozens of bushes were hidden in the brambles behind the ones I spotted on the commute and I picked 5 pounds in less than 15 minutes.  I’ll decant a taster of this batch, dubbed Faringdon Folly after an adjacent attraction, at Christmas but try to allow the infusion to sit until Christmas 2013.  I’ll still use the much more rare batch of Devil’s Punchbowl this Christmas, though.

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