Byron’s, Swindon   2 comments

Yet another gorgeous Autumn day wandering around Swindon revealed a hidden treasure near the site of the former Swindon College buildings.  Byron’s reminds me, more than most pubs here, of the sort of dives I spent too much time in around the Midtown Atlanta of my youth (White Dot, Northside Tavern, etc.).  Dark, with the feel of a small industrial city’s professional journeyman drinking venue and little furniture that you would worry about if it got damaged (or, looking a little closer, when it gets damaged).

As I approached, the friendly bar lady was out taking a photo of the building whilst I was framing my own shot.  We entered together and she said it was for the new Facebook page.  I got my beer, listening to the blokes at the bar commenting that they must be getting old.  “In times past we would have been in the window mooning her before she could turn on the camera.”

“There’s always Photoshop,” I offered.  “What?” “Pardon?” “Eh?” came the responses, but I waved it off.  While editing the photos, I told Jackie about my first impressions and she seems keen to give it a try as well…when we move in February, this could be our new home-from-home.


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