Swindon Downtown Regeneration: Swindon College   2 comments

Swindon College downtown, 3 April 2011

For the last year and a half and for the foreseeable future, Swindon Town Centre is undergoing a revitalisation.  We arrived when the open air pedestrian subway through the Whalebridge still smelled strongly of marijuana smoke, urine, and Special Brew but now all that has had to move to the surface since that is now a confusing and dangerous traffic interchange.  New housing is going up adjacent to it, between the Jury’s Inn and the Menzes Hotel.  And, at the base of Eastcott Hill a giant shopping and entertainment centre is replacing the old Swindon College buildings.  I shot the first picture four weeks before it was supposed to be demolished early in Spring 2011 and the more recent one yesterday (a couple of months after the start of removal).

Former site of Swindon College downtown, 12 October 2012

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