The Endless Pub Crawl Map (2012-09-17)   Leave a comment

[Note: Google has a somewhat improved version I have shifted the maps to, all on one view.  You can use the link to the left or here]

I have exceeded the limits of Google maps (their KML file parser only allows 1000 features, and while I don’t know what the other three are, 997 were the first batch of pubs).  You can still browse the maps, but there is a link to page numbers at the bottom, with roughly 200 per page so I’ve pulled the link until I can find a bit of mapping software more drunken runner friendly.  Here were some of the milestones:

Pub #1, The Red Lion, our local in Stretham when we first moved here; a mere 87 yard stumble, downhill along walls to our front door.

Pub #100 fell the day before my first British birthday, during a lunch run to Granchester from the labs in Cambridge. Almost exclusively London, Cambridgeshire, and Kent at this point.

Pub #500, 10 September 2010: Density around Bicester, Oxford and parts of London are beginning to look like Cambridge and Ely.

Today (17 September 2012) with 1029 pubs down. My vacation is nearly over and even with the 10 or more mile-per-day September running still on, it is looking less likely that I’ll be adding many in the next few weeks. I’ll do updates of the map at each new 100, though.

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