The Rising Sun, Bowden Hill, Wiltshire   1 comment

“Where are you going? This is private land,” the troll on the ATV yelled. “You have to go back where you entered this field.”

I showed him the map and where I reckoned we were having the conversation and suggested I could be off the ‘private property’ faster if I went to the track across the fence and over toward the pub at Bowden Hill I was trying to get to.

“That road isn’t over there. We are right here,” he pointed to a place on the map. Going around this conversation several times with him pointing to several different places all equidistant from both the pub and where he was suggesting I should go back and start over.

Finally, I said, “look, I am not trying to be difficult but we both know the trail markings have been removed and if I go back there and start again I am going to wind up,” pointing at the various places he had shown me on the map, “here, or here, or here and spend an awful lot of time chatting with your good self on this ‘private property.'”

“Okay, here’s what I can do. There’s a track right over there beyond that gate,” pointing at the place I originally suggested a track existed.

“Uh, that gate? The standard, right-of-way gate on the fence right over,” glancing at my map then up where he had pointed, “there?”

Some of these jackasses put up a sign saying “beware of bull in field,” and there is NEVER a bull in the field.  These idiots around here take the threat a little higher with the warning that you might get shot exercising your right of passage.  So, if you get shot on this property I guess their lawyers will be able to explain this away.  Stupid motherfuckers, there should be another mass trespass.  Oh well, I could use a drink.

The Rising Sun was worth the hassle.  Friendly bartender, great dogs, and it is a Moles pub and Moles makes some fine beer (like the Mole Catcher I washed the bad taste of the neighbours out with).

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