One Eyed Jack’s, Gloucester   1 comment

You wouldn’t imagine such a nice and spacious interior in a pub that looks like it suits the sort of urban-industrial neighbourhood Jack’s sits in as well as Jack’s does, but it even had room for a skittles/bowling lane without diminishing the size of the indoor drinking area.  I carried my kebab in (stopping to ask the bartender if it is okay to do so first–these things really reek in a closed environment) and got a yummy pint of Carling (doesn’t count for the Challenge, my camera battery failed after this shot so no documentation).

Good bar.  The music wasn’t shit and the customers seemed literate but not at all up their own asses (although I suspect a lot of the reading done is in tabloid form…at least they retain what they read and speak as if they understand it without accepting it blindly, better than I get at most Oxfordshire bars).  And, they tolerated my drunken ass until I dashed out to catch my bus to Stonehouse.

Posted 2012/09/12 by Drunken Bunny in pubs

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