Ye Olde Red Lion Hotel, Tredegar, Blaenau Gwent (pub #984)   5 comments

After the Coach and Horses, I was only about a half mile from the Red Lion so made another short loop around town then plopped down on a seat at the bar on my return. The bartender was different from the girl who checked me into the room so it was like a fresh start to the bar. I got a Carling (#130 in the Challenge) and watched some Paralympics track and field.

Along the way, I caught some of the conversation going on at the bar. One girl was explaining about her medications and how they help with the voices; apparently they aren’t all bad but sometimes it is voices she doesn’t recognise and ,”that can be terrifying, like.”

I decided to walk around after that, and have a look at the bar itself. It is very strange construction, and appears to be huge timber blocks with some sort of mortar between them.

I felt grungy and was certain I smelled awful. Drinking up, I moved on to my room and had a very hot bath to prepare for the evening in town.

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