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Affable but quite simple and a bit too expensive, not as hygienic as you might expect, and although not worthy of the esteem received you find it hard to wish it harm: yes, I write of the Duke of Cambridge but, no, not that one. Rather, the one supported by funds extracted voluntarily from the public and that sits conveniently near to work over on Little Clarendon Street in Oxford.

My first visit was early in 2010 before the Rules had been amended to include liquor; the group had just transferred from University of Cambridge and this was a joint outing with another research group.  The sign, at that time, consisted of some earlier wealthy git with a countenance that oozed disdain and arrogance.  Our Willy is a much friendlier face, but count your change and don’t expect full or undiluted measures.

Posted 2012/08/01 by Drunken Bunny in pubs

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