Old Samuel Bourbon   1 comment

Cola in bourbon?!?  I have spent many hours of my adult life fighting this abomination and even received cease-and-desist orders from my Congressman and Senators for letters sent to them demanding introduction of legislation that would require deportation (in the case of foreigners) or Passport revocation (for citizens) that mix fine distilled spirits with sweetened soft drinks. The good will, alone, that mature folks abroad would feel toward our land would be worth the effort.

Alas, Old Samuel is fine spirit, indeed, and ENCOURAGES this ridiculous behaviour right on the label (although it is spot on with the suggestion to try it neat or on the rocks).  I can also affirm that it is a fine accompaniment to strong, black coffee and is well suited to a splash of club soda. [Note, this crime against liquor appears to be infecting proper bartenders, as the Schoolmarms report.]

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