The Farriers Arms, Deptford, London   4 comments

Approaching the Farrier’s Arms, I almost forgot about how much the Angerstein Hotel can go fuck itself.  I received even more of the appropriate psychologically palliative care within this wonderful, if small, boozer.

Once more, I threaded my way through the crowds and approached the bar.  The older of the two women told me where to find the toilet. “Not yet, love, I would like a pint, first.”  I ordered a Fosters and the landlord, I believe, showed up with a tray of gummy bears saying, you deserve these more than the others do.”  Damn straight.

We had a nice visit, the four of us and some of the punters. This is the kind of place you really like to stumble upon (or into) and it really cheered me on the long haul to my next scheduled stop.  Thanks, guys!

4 responses to “The Farriers Arms, Deptford, London

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  3. Thank you – you’re very welcome to the Farriers Arms anytime – but race day particularly!

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