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We stayed near London South Bank University, an urban school between Waterloo Station and the Elephant and Castle neighbourhood.  On the weekends, the area is hard-up for anything to eat during the day except diner stuff, kebabs, or fish and chips so I was glad to spot the little sign on the Elephant and Castle pub that advertised Thai food.  We were too late for the food, however, and inside was heaving with football fans enjoying (or not) the Arsenal v Chelsea match.

They were a strange mix of tiny (by comparison) Asian dudes and very large, round African guys with large, round shaved heads: this reminded me more than anything of the Cafe t’Pleintje near my old house on Nilda Pintostraat in the Bijlmer, Amsterdam Zuidoost where we were, for about a mile in any direction, the only folks not of Ghanese (from Ghana) or Surinaamse (from Surinam) descent.  Comfortable as this made me feel, superficially, I thought it prudent not to start snapping photos…the exterior has been painted blue and there is a small garden at the side.  Just go early if you want the Thai food for lunch.

Update taken without permission from the Deserter July 2015: 

The Elephant & Castle had its license revoked after a customer was stabbed in the head with a pen, proving that it is mightier than sword and certainly easier to sneak into a pub.

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