The Green Dragon, Marlborough, Wiltshire   7 comments

Still smiling about the silliness at the Bear as I rushed to catch the bus, I spotted the Green Dragon (where the guy they were heckling on-line was suspected to be) and couldn’t resist.  Just inside the door I said to the guy with the mobile in his hand, “Dude, they’re mocking your ass down the Bear.”  One..two..three… and once everyone had looked at each other, then at me they all started laughing and he started explaining his plight.  “Listen, man, they’re all down there, 50 meters away why don’t you go have a word?”


“Yeah, it’s a team effort although I don’t think she has put the suggested, ‘dickhead,’ in at the end of any of her transmissions.  Yet.”

The bar tariffs are a bit high here but it is a wonderful place, from the Amy Winehouse coiffed barkeeper and 70’s Soul on the jukebox (amongst other stuff I caught something from the Superfly soundtrack and Pusherman by Curtis Mayfield), to the friendly and screwy and not-at-all-posh-for-Marlborough denizens of the place.  And, it is right across from the bus stop.

Posted 2012/04/20 by Drunken Bunny in pubs

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