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Update 22 March 2016: Seems the pub closed but has been being put to good use until the authorities butted in:

Meerkat Pub Cannabis Gardener

Update 29 March 2012: Still no proper sign but they are still working on the place (ever improving, it’s going to be quite nice).  Here’s today’s picture, the sign doesn’t really float mid air like that for you literalists:

Note: I’ll add some photos of the place once they get a sign up…it is early days for the guys and I don’t blame them for being eager to open; in the meantime, here is a Bing maps aerial view to placehold:

We walked into the recently (one-and-a-half weeks ago) opened Meerkat on our way from the butcher to the Italian deli.  The bar is small but the publican is friendly and the windows face south so we could soak up the sun and enjoy this glorious weather we’ve lucked into.  I took a Cotswold Courage and Jackie got a half pint of lager and we both had a little look around, noting that the trim details are still there to do (door jambs still a bit roughly set, baseboards still need to go in, and the paint and carpet are so new the place has a sort of new car smell).  The house has the potential to be a nice addition to this neighbourhood, and we wish them the best (knowing that we shall do our small part, glass-by-glass, in any success they may experience).

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