The Rat Trap, Swindon   2 comments

After work I fancied a bit of bourbon and the Aldi in Swindon (where I can get some of that delicious Clarkes Bourbon) is not far from the Rat Trap, so the shopping trip got combined with pub reconnaissance.  Well done, me!  The Trap is a real gem.

I went in via the large lounge and was served up a Donnington’s then wandered about.  Early even for a Friday, I eventually found the crowd of one in the Public Bar and settled in for a bit of chat.  Ady, pardon the spelling but that’s what he said, told me about the quality of the food in the Trap having listened patiently to my gush about the quality at the Southbrook.  I might tend to believe him, though, as I sat right next to the kitchen and the steam from the dishes smelled delightful.  Moreover, I had already clocked the menu board and they have a 16 ounce steak for under £11, twice the flesh for about the same price as most other places.

2 condoms for a pound…and they have an alarm on the box (but not like the one in the women’s room at the Meet Rack, Tucson, Arizona)

The Public Bar already seemed familiar, reminding me of the sort of place back home in Midtown Atlanta you could wander into and, while there would be loud dudes watching sport, there would also be oddballs from the neighbourhood just hanging out…grant you, the oddballs in Stratton St. Margaret might seem a little tame compared to guys that drink Lysol (read this article to get an idea about this one) or drag queen prostitutes, but it was still a little slice of home, in its own way.

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