Kebab and Pizza House, Marlborough, Wiltshire   3 comments

The neighbours are away so we took advantage of the relative quiet last night and played a bunch of records (at a tolerable volume, mind you) out the back garden.  Record Night has always turned into a session and this was no exception so the next morning Jackie was a bit under the weather.  Me too, but I had promised myself a decent run so I took my leave and caught the bus to Marlborough with the intention of running the rail trail through Chiseldon and back into Swindon.

First, though, I needed some nourishment.  My hangover cure usually involves equal proportions of salt, carbs, meat protein, and fat and nothing really fits the bill like doner meat and chips with chilli sauce.  But, Marlborough is sort of a posh town and although it has its fair share of shitty little restaurants they each give the outward impression that they are too good for you…especially if you are wearing a tee shirt that says, “Now it’s time for my REAL job: Getting Loaded.”  I opted to start my run off the High Street at the Kebab and Pizza House.

The guys there were friendly and the food was no worse than I could have hoped for.  The doner oven was fired up for my order alone so I got a bit more than a normal amount which came back to haunt me 13 or 14 miles into the run but I had to remind myself that this situation was of my own doing.  The only thing remaining was to find a pub to get something to wash this down, somewhere along the way to the Rail Trail.

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