The Deer’s Leap, Swindon   Leave a comment

Update 2013-06-12: This news, from today’s Adver, is quite a shame:

You know you are living the dream when, lost on a bleak public housing estate with rain starting, you pop into a pub and the giant tele isn’t tuned to sport but is showing a Pogues video.  A bunch of dudes were gambling nearby, others shot billiards and drunkenly hugged one another saying, “oi, you’re a good lad,” then dropping into boxing stances.  Two rooms, but the back one was darkened; no ale (definitely a lager bar) but they had Bulmer’s cider on tap.  Friendly bar staff, but the punters eye you with suspicion which is fair enough but might make you uncomfortable–you probably don’t want to talk about your visit to the Tate Modern too loudly (at least keep it down below the level of the video jukebox).

After dinner, we watched another episode of The Wire (we are up to season 4) and midway through there was a wake held in the cop bar. “The Body of an American” was blaring in that bar…yep, I’ve been living right, lately.

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