Our Swindon Neighbours Part 2   7 comments

Following up on the April 2011 report, I give you our neighbours in June.

There were brief periods of sunshine this past Saturday and Wednesday was nice, but the laundry next door has been hanging out since Monday in the intermittent showers and torrents that plagued us most of last week.  Gumption is not a word I wood associate with them next door.

They drained the algal broth before last weekend but only to about 4 inches deep, then stuck a hose in it and refilled overnight (it was overflowing when I went to bed Friday night, 10th June), but they forgot to remove the syphon.  By the afternoon of the next day it was drained down to the residue that can be seen now a week hence (above).  I’m keeping a close eye on our water bill in the event they have found a way to tap into our plumbing.  I’m certain some of the other flood victims two or three doors down either side of these fools will back me up that it was not my excess.

The big stacks of pallets that were scattered about the back third of the garden have since April been broken into pieces and stuffed between the alley wall and the caravan, resulting in collapse of the wall in May.  Since then, the oldest boy that may or may not live there (it is really hard to tell) has been, on occasion, spending hours at a time hammering bits of them back together.  Of course, this project–if I may be so bold as to call it that–gets abandoned at the drop of a hat (or, perhaps the clink of an ice cube) and the remains left in place.  For weeks at a stretch.

Weekly recycling for two

The fat fuck of a father figure doesn’t work, unless you consider child abuse labour.  You always know when he is home because he whistles constantly and quite loudly.  And, I do mean constantly.  At 3 or 4 in the morning, immediately after berating his 15 year old daughter in the most foul of language (so immediately that one wonders when he took a breath), in the midst of what passes for quiet conversation over there–usually during someone else’s screamed response to one of his screamed comments.  The whistling, often to or at least concurrent with the strains of the sort of urban music that contains “Mariah Carey-esque unnecessary extra syllables,” is lately punctuated with–I shit you not–the phrase “YEEHAW!”

Oh, well, the lease won’t last forever.  I shall continue to take my runs to Old Town where I hope to move when the rental agreement does, mercifully, expire.

Any day now, I expect the hot tub installation

7 responses to “Our Swindon Neighbours Part 2

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  3. Interesting that your last pic has a Thing in it. Jim has been selling discounted bar tabs at the Rack lately to build funds to purchase one of these. I may have assisted him.

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