The Cricketers Arms, Temple Cowley, Oxford   1 comment

I went for a run from work in search of a pub that I heard had a classic interior, but it was overcast and I left my compass in the office and about 100 meters from the pub I got completely lost, winding up a couple miles away in Temple Cowley, but covered some nice territory on the way (full route here).  Whilst wandering up and down hills in an estate that looked to be built in the 60’s I finally despaired and approached a Benevolent Pedestrian, stopping the hip looking dude enjoying his portable mp3 player as he meandered down the road by pulling one of my own earbuds out of my ear and asking, pray tell, if there was a pub nearby.  He directed me to a “fine pub, indeed,” nearly directly across the street…had we been 50 feet further up the road and one of its walls collapsed we would’ve been crushed.  I thanked him and sprinted to the locked doors of the Marsh Harrier, which opened at 5.

“Do you know of any that are open?” I asked as I met him on the return journey a few seconds later. After he tried to fob me off on the nearby curry house because they have a bar, I made him understand that it wasn’t all about the drink, just mostly, and a pub is really what I had in mind if he knew of one.

“Indeed, but it is a bit far, oh you’re running anyway, so follow Temple up the hill and through a path then down Junction and if you get to the pool you’ve gone too far…the Cricketers.  Enjoy.”

The Cricketers was a nice find, a good local with a menu that was better than the Greene King markings on the sign would lead you to expect.  I wasn’t quite sure how far the run back to work was going to be, though, so opted for a light lunch.  “Plate of chips and an IPA, please.”  After the second time, the bartender understood the accent and asked, “large or small basket of chips?”  “I better do small, or I’ll spew them all over, erm, just where ARE we, exactly?”  “Temple Cowley.”  Ah, so I got directions for Cowley Road and awaited the chip snack.

There is a well known rule to never eat anything bigger than your head.  The ‘small’ chips at the Cricketers violates this codicil, but man they were tasty.  With sweat still rolling down my face and back (collecting uncomfortably in the pocket formed between these unfortunate shorts and my asscheeks), some guy brought in the landlady’s 9 month old grandchild and had her dancing on the bar.  The grandchild, that is.  Although, I must say, with the choice of background music–blues and unusually tolerable modern R&B–nothing would have surprised me.

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