The Rose Revived, Newbridge, Oxfordshire   1 comment

Day 40 of the running streak found me hobbling along the Thames towpath after an overland trek that started in Besselsleigh and continued through Appleton, then through a copse where I twisted my still recuperating arm and doubling myself over in a paroxysm of pain.  The marina at the Rose Revived was a welcome sight as I sought a pint of anesthetic.

It is a bucolic setting in the shade adjacent to the 13th century New Bridge, the site of an important Civil War battle.  You can just about imagine Charles’ troops mustering in the pub across the river while Cromwell’s men refueled here.  Except there probably weren’t as many American businessmen stinking up the area as there were this day.

It is a huge venue, it seems geared more to food than drink, and the foreigner at the bar seemed less than friendly.

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