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Last week was non-stop at work, in fact it was non-stop on EACH of no fewer than three projects at any one time.  This hasn’t happened since my days at University of Arizona and it was invigorating although I am fairly out of practice and these 3-to-5 things floating at one time actually got on top of me once or twice.  Helping service engineers on two mass spectrometer installs, another repair, and assessing/fixing problems on 3 others (and on some ancillary equipment) turned out to be very thirsty work, indeed, so when my bus pulled into Swindon after a long Friday I headed over to the Baker’s Arms to try them out.

Swindon is a large town but has a lot of small town attributes, most striking of which (to me) is that every pub seems to be a local and that makes me conspicuous as an interloper long before I open my mouth and drawl Atlanta-ese all over their asses.  Once more, I was surrounded by friendly folk that seemed discomfitted by a stranger rolling in and, somewhat out of character for me, staying creepily quiet.  Someone said something about how “cripples can’t get in here for all the steps,” but no one heard me say, “Fuck ’em, if I can crawl out, they can crawl in;” the R&B on the speakers was a bit loud.

I ordered a Royal Bassett as 3B was the only other choice.  Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE 3B but most Arkells houses have two pumps worth of it and the third is usually 2B.  In fact, while Royal Bassett was released to honour the nearby village of Wootton Bassett where the bodies of Her Majesty’s fallen soldiers are solemnly repatriated and which was in the last couple of weeks notified that it will now be renamed Royal Wootton Bassett to reflect the monarch’s gratitude…while all of that is going on, the beer really just tastes like 2B and I suspect they just made some pump clips (there hasn’t been enough time to have made a special brew for the occasion).


UPDATE 2014-10-26: Legal problems last year seem to have caught up to the Bakers’ which is now closed and doesn’t look like it will reopen:

bakers arms swindon rip

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