The Carpenter’s Arms, South Marston, Wilts   Leave a comment

I arrived back at the railway bridge a hundred meters from my bus stop in time to see my bus fly by, so I went backwards 50 meters and dove into the Carpenters Arms.  They close at 2:30 on Sundays only reopening Monday at lunch, so I was lucky the NWHHH trail wasn’t any longer than it turned out to be.

The brew I chose, Moonlight, had a World War II aircraft on the pump clip and quite a taste of bubblegum about it.  This was very dissappointing as I settled into the BBC News Channel coverage of the UN actions against Libya.  I still had a few swallows to go as closing time approached and decided it would be prudent to go hang out with the landlord and his conversation pal; as it turned out, the talk was all about Libya as well, only this time regarding energy.

The other punter, as it turned out, had worked in geothermal and had what I privately found to be a crackpot idea that we should drill into the earth’s core and use it to heat water we pump down the hole (and thus produce steam).  I didn’t want to argue the efficiency of such a system mainly because I wasn’t in a mood to argue, but I am entirely willing to wager against this ever getting past a demo stage.

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