Downtown Kebabs, Swindon   1 comment

Walking generally towards home I was accosted by an endless parade of dudes handing out flyers for nightclubs, but my mission was to find food.  One guy waving a stack of leaflets said, “hey, Squire, what are you looking for?” Before he could go on with whatever pitch he was about to make I said, “A fairly decent kebab, if you really must know.”

It took him a second either to process my accent or the request or to reboot from his normal spiel, but he then claimed to work days at Downtown Kebabs, a place around the corner.  I still don’t quite believe him about working there (I’ve never seen an ethnically English — that is, white — employee at a kebab) but the doner was tasty and neither greasy nor salty and the salad crisp with the sort of amazingly succulent tomatoes that doner places seem to have an inside line on.

Anyway, it made the stumble home up the bikepath a bit more pleasant.

Posted 2011/02/22 by Drunken Bunny in food

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