The New Inn, Swindon, Wilts   2 comments

The New Inn is that rare sports bar that carries real ale.  From the looks of the satisfied faces on the several couples finishing their lunches while I worked on my Arkell’s 3B (and the kind comments they passed on as I admired the ale’s dark, sharp hoppiness and malted overtones) I reckon they do a decent plate full of bar food as well.

The place is bigger than it looks from the street, cavernous, in fact.  There were roughly a dozen inhabitants but you really had to have a walkabout to see more than three at once.  The staff seemed quite friendly, even chatty, and like every other venue I’ve hit since moving West everyone seemed to know each other (except of course for me).

Posted 2011/02/18 by Drunken Bunny in pubs

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