Our new home in Swindon   3 comments

Google street view of the new digs

We have moved house to Swindon, ancestral home of Mark Lamar, Diana Dors and Billie Piper and known for the Great Western Railway and the Magic Roundabout (Google any of these if you really want links).  We got about 3 times the garden, and twice the living area of the place in Bicester at £115 per month less (plus another £85 less in Council Tax per month) and the commute on the bus is as quick and as cheap but my annual bus ticket also gives me five other counties to explore (and not just back-and-forth from Bicester to Oxford).  There’ll be more photos once we’ve emptied most of the boxes, but for now lets just say we are very happy with the move.

UPDATE: The Google StreetView Van drove by in September 2012 and caught the kitty in the window:

ferndale and edie on google

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