The Victoria, Oxford   1 comment

The Victoria is in Jericho just up the street (and a million miles away) from the abysmal Jericho Tavern.  The house is friendly, well kept and quite the comfortable venue to linger over a pint (and there are a few to choose from as well).  The menu looks promising, too.

On my visit, I wandered upstairs where plush leather chairs awaited.  A large aeroplane model hung from the ceiling blocked the view from downstairs of the “Unspoilt By Progress” mural but from up top it is better than you might expect.  Unlike a lot of places with the quirky decorations, the Victoria seems to know when to say “when,” and the boater on the deer head and the owl don’t seem too over the top to distract you.  But, lunchtime is too short and the limit is one (or don’t go back to work…and I’m too busy of late to blow off the afternoon), so I had to make a hasty departure.

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