Wetherspoons, Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire (actual pub #500)   3 comments

Note: due to a drunken miscount, it turns out that this was pub #500, not the much nicer one originally reported).

I usually like Wetherspoons pubs but I usually go to the ones that are housed in salvaged buildings with some architectural and/or historical distinction.  This time I just dropped in to the only open pub I spotted at the end of 25 miles of training run to tank up before catching the bus home.  It, too, is a Wetherspoons but the house is ugly and prefabricated and, to be perfectly fair, precisely in keeping with the overall look of Milton Keynes.  I had something called a Slewfoot or Stinkfoot for £1.99 and continued on my merry way. Yuk.

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