The Yorkshire Grey, Fitzrovia, London (pub #500 if there was any justice)   5 comments

This was the 502nd pub, so far (originally a miscount).  I’ll do a synopsis/statistical breakdown of the list in the next few days.

I had planned on another London pub to be the 500th, a Red Lion or at least a former Red Lion…the one where Marx and Engels wrote the Communist Manifesto not too far away from here in Soho [note on this at bottom of the post linked here].  As an alternative, I was going to hold off on the 500th until next Wednesday so that it would coincide with the Oxford Hash’s 600th trail.  But, we got into the neighbourhood of Broadcasting House a bit early for our Bleak Expectations recordings and decided to go for a drink and lo-and-behold the 500th turned out to be the Yorkshire Grey, a nice old venue in Fitzrovia and as deserving as any other of the number it has, in that the count means nothing in the long run.

Beautiful pub, nonetheless, and I like Samuel Smith’s beers having hit a few of their pubs in the past couple of years.  I already knew they do a fine stout (which I will still highly recommend) but decided to try the Best Bitter this time.  And, when that was gone, I tried the Alpine Lager which was smashing and for a light drink gives the stout a run for its money.

There were some nods to the architecture and engineering of Broadcasting house framed on the walls, as well as some cigarette cards (trading cards a la bubble gum cards in the states) framed of announcers from the Beeb in the 30’s and 40’s.  They also have an upstairs bar and a garden.

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