Prince of Wales, Iffley, Oxfordshire   4 comments

We had run several miles from the Star Royal, doubling back and forth and largely confused because, as it turned out, we were following the trail in reverse and all the checks were laid assuming the correct orientation.  To top off our bad fortune, the Isis was closed so we had travelled the extra bit for naught.  Fortunately Dippy needed to take a shit and knew how to get to the Prince of Wales where a potty that met his exacting standards could be found.

neat markings on these girls

better markings here

I had spotted some interesting cows on the far side of the river so it was appropos that I have a pint of Wadworth Farmers Glory. After quite a wait for service (they were busy…packed in fact on a Wednesday night), I started the next long wait for the beer foam to settle (Dippy even commented on how, “it’s not Guinness, for goodness sake”).  Finally getting the drink, I found it every bit worthy of my patience: cool, bitter and astringent but with a hint of syrup and floral essences.  Yum.

4 responses to “Prince of Wales, Iffley, Oxfordshire

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  3. I’m originally from Swedenbut have lived here for 7 years. We brought my visiting parents to The Prince Of Wales for a meal. The atmosphere was fantastic and my parents thoroughly enjoyed themselves due to the kind welcoming and service from Alan and his staff. The food was excellent and so was the drinks. We have a 4 year-old daughter who enjoyed herself in the “kids corner” where she could paint and play. Me and my wife strongly recommend people to come here.
    Thank you for a lovely evening.

    Marten Westergren & Ewelina Matla

    Marten Westergren
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