Rose and Crown, Oxford   3 comments

Missed a bus home and wanted one on the half hour so killed my time drinking a pint of Scholar (a brown, viscous bitter that I didn’t get any brewery details about from the Shotover Brewery in Horspath…thanks commenter Steven Green!) in the Rose and Crown.  This was a pretty nice old pub and definitely has a neighbourhood joint feel to it.  It smells a bit like the beer spilled here ten years ago is still announcing its presence, and the garden is packed with seating and seems pretty inviting…probably even more so on a warm summer evening.  Alas, I only had time for the one and soon dashed off to the bus stop.

That sign to the right reads “Canal Bridge,” but my camera viewfinder has a wicked sense of humour

Posted 2010/07/20 by Drunken Bunny in pubs

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3 responses to “Rose and Crown, Oxford

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  1. Scholar is from The Shotover Brewery, based nearby in Horspath.

    Steven Green
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