Queen’s Head, Uxbridge, Greater London   1 comment

For a town centered around a shopping mall, Uxbridge is actually fairly pretty.  And, since it is outside the congestion charge zone and has a Piccadilly line tube stop, it is the most convenient place to park for a trip to London that commences too early for public transport from Bicester.  So, soon after the British 10K fiasco I was wandering around town and found my way into the Queen’s Head, a dark old pub with a Polish staff and 6X on tap.  The crowd seemed a bit old, a bit grumpy, and a bit put out about one thing or another, but the beer was good and the location was close to my parking in the Chimes.  The customers notwithstanding, I’m sure there are friendlier or, at least, livelier places in town.

Posted 2010/07/15 by Drunken Bunny in pubs

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