London Pub (almost) Marathon, 11am 30 May 2010   6 comments

[Note: this went well enough…results here.]

If anyone is in London Sunday 30th May 2010 then please join me for a variation on the London Underround trail. This is not an organised event, there are no entry fees nor any charities involved and it is being done for no particularly good reasons at all (other than it’s my birthday).

The route (shown above and with a Gmap Pedometer version linked here) includes 6 pub stops for a pint of carbohydrate rich fluids and perhaps a fatty snack or two because nutrition is paramount in this sort of endeavor.

This is NOT a hash…there are rules, however they are completely unenforceable:

1) You start with your hand on the King’s Cross Departures board (I’m starting at 11 am) and finish when you touch the Arrivals board.

2) The yellow line at the platform for each tube station must be touched before moving on.

3) Pints at the pubs must also be finished before moving to the next stop.

I’ll keep my own splits by checking the time stamps on my digital camera, but if anyone else wants to do the whole thing then you’ll be responsible for your own. Here are the planned touchpoints:

Methods in this madness:

### It is very nearly a full marathon distance. In fact it is [ 24.7 ] miles if you do the whole thing as mapped, possibly a little more once stairwells and passageways (and getting lost or detoured) are fully taken into account.

### There are 6 pubs on the route because 5 doesn’t qualify as a crawl:

Victoria and Albert, in Marylebone Station (mile 2.8)
The Swan, 66 Bayswater (mile 6.7)
The Sussex, Upper St Martins Square at Longacre (mile 10.3)
The Zetland Arms, 2 Bute Street (mile 14.2)
Ye Olde Watling, 29 Watling Street (mile 19.8)
The Betjeman Arms, in St. Pancras Station (mile 24.7)

### There are 48 total stops… one for each of 48 years (like I said, it is a birthday run).

If anyone is serious about clocking an actual Underround time, I would advise buying into it from Rory Coleman at his website (which is also full of many other endurance related events and articles, none of which, I think, have anything to do with beer). My route avoids a couple of stations that will be closed on the day I am passing through and has detours built in for the pub stops, but if you do mine and feel cheated that your time doesn’t count then only the Official version will do.

6 responses to “London Pub (almost) Marathon, 11am 30 May 2010

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  1. Damn, wish I could make it!

  2. That is a pretty intense crawl. I’d love to do it, One day I’ll get out there and go for it.

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