The Queen’s Head, Haverhill, Suffolk   Leave a comment

10 Aug 2013:  A lot of traffic suddenly from Reddit about the landlady substituting her picture on the sign (with my picture as the “before” shot).  I miss the eastern part of this island, me.

Haverhill is pretty large and I found myself trying to spot the bus station as I ran through the market in the light rain, laden with my backpack and sweating profusely in the freezing wind.  I figured I had time for a beer and popped into the Queen’s Head just ahead of another guy dressed more appropriately and not so sweaty.  “You beat me here,” he said as we reached the bar then to the ten or so others, “I saw this guy coming across a field back at Horseheath.”

“Hooray!” said some, and at least one other gave me a “fuckin’ ‘ell, what’d yer do tha’ fer?”

“I had a hankering for a beer,  don’t y’know,” I said, lifting the delicious Suffolk County Best.  The conversation fell almost immediately into tales of wasted abandon overseas with everyone of them having stories of getting barred somewhere in Portugal or Spain (and every story corroborated by someone else in the bar with a “oh, aye, yeah I remember that trip.”

So, I would highly recommend hitting this bar mid afternoons and trying to find a drinking buddy for a local pub crawl.  Friendly and with a high potential for getting out of control, the regulars here are tops in my book.

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