The Ickleston Lion, Ickleton   Leave a comment

ickleton lion signI passed through Ickleton a few miles into a run between Duxford and Saffron Walden and spotted the Ickleton Lion.  The bar was packed and there was a line but the service was slow on its own merit.  Still, there were more than a hundred hungry (and some thirsty) patrons in the place and seated in the garden, so the two ladies up front were probably knackered.

ickleton lion gardenI took my Moreland’s Best Bitter outside and found a table where I could be hounded by bees and get my bearings for a couple of minutes before continuing the journey.  One of the tables received some very delicious looking and substantial nachos with cheese, peppers, chili, sour cream, etc and tucked right in.  It may be the only game in town (which is probably why they don’t feel the need to wash their sign), but it looks like the folks crowd into the Lion for the food more than anything else.

ickleton lion

Posted 2009/08/18 by Drunken Bunny in pubs

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