The Earl of Lonsdale, Notting Hill, London   1 comment

earl of lonsdaleA little breakfast and we were off for a walk to the Portobello Market in Notting Hill.  This turned out to be a huge mistake as it was packed with tourists and the market crap was even crappier than that on offer at the Camden Market (and, though I didn’t see any t-shirts of Che Guevara smoking a joint I could sense the presence).  The one bright spot was a CD stall where we loaded up on some music then ducked into the Earl of Lonsdale for fortification.
earl of lonsdale garden
I had a Samuel Smith Sovereign Best Bitter and Jackie had the standard vodka and tonic and for this we were charge a mere £4.00! The garden beckoned but the inside of the bar was especially nice as well and might be a good place to sit around watching out the windows if it weren’t for the market.  Still, we had a shady spot to drink and review our records.
earl of lonsdale portobello booty
Jackie noted how you could tell the non-europeans because they would step out and see that there was someone at every table then turn around and leave even though, for instance, there was room for 6-10 more at our table.  As if to underscore this point, an Italian family came out and plopped down with us making themselves quite at home (as well they should).  Our Italian is rubbish and their accents sounded quite a bit more southern than we are used to anyway so we couldn’t really eavesdrop but they seemed somewhere between horrified and amused when their burgers arrived…oh well, our drinks were done and we needed to head onto the concert. Ciao.

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