The Swan (long closed), Cambridge   3 comments

the swan norfolk streetThe Swan can be found at 77 Norfolk Street across from the Man in the Moon (which is never open during the day and tends to have a cover at night and only bottles and there’s plenty of brass rails in town more eager for my pound).  Unfortunately, the Swan does not serve anymore.

When I first spotted the sign a few months back while walking to the Bike Man, an old woman pointed out that this was a pub.  I’m a dope, so I asked her when is it open: “Nae fer years now.” Pity.

the swan norfolk street sign

Posted 2009/06/13 by Drunken Bunny in pubs

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3 responses to “The Swan (long closed), Cambridge

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  2. Wow – have lived in the area for over fifteen years, but never knew this used to be a pub!

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