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Friday’s pub run was elegiac. I have collected the locations of pubs that are closed but that I couldn’t find a store nearby to buy a can of beer to show the place its proper respect, as per my self imposed rules.  So, I finally decided to take a four pack of Fosters out on a tour of these places and the next four posts are the four pubs I had some way of identifying…either I had seen it soon after closing, or it has some feature from times past on the wall, or someone told me about it.

The other reason I decided this was the way to do my Friday run was because the Elysian Beer Festival started in Ely on Friday, and I didn’t want a huge buzz on before I got there; that and the possibility of racking  up a few miles beforehand was all the temptation I needed.  I ran this route
closed pubs to hit
in an attempt to find

the Churchill (long gone),

the Blackamoor’s Head (couldn’t find any sign of it),

the Cow and Calf (from a second hand description, still no sign of it),

the Merton Arms (couldn’t find anything “pubby” about it),

the Cambridge Arms (now an upscale restaurant that would likely call the man out on me if I downed a can in front of it),

the Tailor’s Arms (which since I first found it has had the bricks washed of the old ales adverts, dammit), and

the White Hart (which is now the Backstreet Bistro and I’ll probably consider it on life support and go have a lunch and pint at, soon).

The ones I found will be published here shortly. They are:

The Earl Grey

The Swan

The Prince of Wales

The Duke of Argyle


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