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the hoops barton sign

About half a mile from the White Horse I came up to the Hoops.  I have missed their opening times a few other times (4pm Monday thru Thursday, and noon Friday-Sunday) and was glad to finally catch them open.  I walked into the small public bar, out of breath from the sprint uphill and the two pints sloshing around in my tummy and found the place filled with middle aged guys of a particulary jovial spirit (I think they might have been there awhile.

the hoops barton bar

One guy was on about Wales (oh beautiful it is, and the beer is something special), and another about Boris Johnson falling into a mucky stream ( I saw this a bit later on the news).  They were particularly interested in my opinion on the IPA (I opted to stick with it when the only other choice was Abbot), and if I was going to hang out for a second round.  I explained the agenda for the day (“I started on Lensfield Road in Cambridge and worked my way through Newnham and the Hat and Feathers, then the White Horse down there, and after here I’m off to Grantchester then Cambridge”).  Then as I left, one asked, “where to now?”

Blue Ball.”  The room cheered hurrah! I say, hurrah for the Hoops.

the hoops barton

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