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I succeeded with a project at work I had been toiling over all week and opted to take the afternoon off (I’ll never use all the holiday time I’m alloted anyway).  Friday seems a perfect time to hit some pubs and make some mileage on paths not yet taken, and I am not one to mess with such a perfect plan.  Plus, I wanted to try out the thermodynamics of my new haircut.

I had a cut in the winter at a stylist, but was keeping the hair longer at that time in hopes of surviving hypothermia in the cold rains and wind.  Now that summer is here and the temperatures regularly exceed 68 degrees F (20 C), I just wanted it buzzed.  This gave me the courage to try the barber in the Cambridge Market.  In a market pitch, there’s this guy from Brooklyn that does buzz cuts at £5 and he will probably be my haircutter when I need another buzz in around August.  I’ve seen him work before, and he can do more than this, but I won’t bother with anything special until the Autumn.

Barber stall, Cambridge Market

Barber stall, Cambridge Market

From Lensfield Road the trail followed bike lanes through Newnham (the Hat and Feathers) and to Barton (the White Horse).  The High Street has a small pavement and deposits you next to the Hoops, and from there it is back on a bike lane then on a Public Footpath to Grantchester (the Blue Ball) and another Public Footpath directly across from the Blue Ball takes you back to Cambridge through Grantchester Meadows.

Triumphant return to Grantchester from Barton

Triumphant return to Grantchester from Barton

It was drizzly at times during the run and cool and windy, but I was still surprised that I had the fewest clothes on at anyplace I went.  These folk seem averse to staying comfortably warm in the winter so a small dip in the temperature causing sleeves and jumpers to appear was a bit surprising.

Dressed warmly for bus ride home, trying to not fall asleep

Dressed warmly for bus ride home, trying to not fall asleep

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