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{Update: this post was from last spring, and the mention of the El Paso 30 Pack Marathon is archaic…the next one is ostensibly this July in Jacksonville Florida for those that think it is a good idea.  There are a bunch of links to graphics collections added to the bottom of this post, as well.}

I don’t believe in dead trails*.  And, that’s not a judgement against those who do.

That’s all.  Let’s see how long it takes before someone gets hypersensitive about that.  And, don’t forget to sign up for the 2nd ever 30-Pack Marathon, in El Paso this July.

(* “dead trails” are generally those in which the hares prelay the trail, as opposed to “live trails” where the hare leaves the start some minutes ahead of the pack…with 15 minutes head start, a single hare can run the pack into the ground even on a trail greater than 20 miles long and set in 40 deg C / 104 deg F  and sunny weather)

Here are some past trail adverts from some fun kennels:




Many more hash graphics are available here (year and venue of the posters…either download or click ‘view this photo’ when you get there):

2006 Tucson

2007 Tucson Bisbee Tombstone and Indianapolis

2008 Tucson Bisbee Tombstone Denver and Boulder

2009 Tucson Chattanooga Cambridge

2010 Bicester and Oxford so far

Bonus…Blister’s Shorts World Tour, from when Mister Blister had both pairs of his far-too-small running shorts stolen and they appeared in many, many places…that year was a blur, but I’m thinking 2007?

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